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The Iran Threat

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From the controversial expert who brought Iran's nuclear program to the attention of the world in 2002 comes a searing expos� of the inner workings and plans of Iran's mullahs. With access to dissident groups inside Iran, Alireza Jafarzadeh traces President Ahmadinejad's radical roots and involvement in terror attacks to his impact on Iran's weapons program. He reveals new details on Iran's meddling in Iraq and its broader goals for the future of the Middle East. This is the most

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Trajectory Index

Words: 121,500
Unique Words: 6,932
Avg Sentence (words): 22.38
Avg Word (chars): 4.94
Chapters: 27
Paragraphs: 2,788
People: 829
Places: 330
Things: 921
Adult Reading Time: 8:06
Sentiment: -0.015
Intensity: 0.051
Reading Level: 12.6
Complexity Index: 112
SAT Words: 924
Nouns 65.6%
Verbs 17.0%
Adjectives 13.4%
Adverbs 2.3%
Other 1.6%
Profanity: 6
Explicit Activity: 0
Violence: 267

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activity aeoi agreement ahmadinejad april attack august bomb center centrifuge city company council country crisis day defense election enrichment facility february force fuel general government group hostage iaea intelligence international iran iranians iraq irgc islam january july june khomeini leader march material may mek member ministry missile month mulla natanz nation national network november official operation opposition order organization part people policy power president press program project qods reactor regime report republic research revolution rights role security september shah site source state states student support technology tehran terrorism threat time times united university uranium war washington weapon world year york

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