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Immigration Crucible

In the debate over U.S. immigration, all sides now support policy and practice that expand the parameters of enforcement. While immigration control forces lobby for intensifying enforcement for reasons that are transparently connected to their policy agenda, and pro-immigration forces favor the liberalization of migrant flows and more fluid labor market regulation, these transformations, meant to grow global trade and commerce networks, also enlarge the extralegal (or marginally legal) more...
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Trajectory Index

Words: 78,122
Unique Words: 5,159
Flesch Reading Ease: 38
Flesch Grade Level: 13
Avg Sentence (words): 21.68
Avg Word (chars): 5.20
Chapters: 42
Paragraphs: 1,259
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Intensity: 0.041
People: 694
Places: 150
Brands: 22
Things: 526
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SAT Words: 810
Trajectory China 300: 122
TOEFL Words: 72
IELTS Words: 489
Nouns 61.1%
Verbs 15.3%
Adjectives 18.2%
Adverbs 3.1%
Other 2.3%

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