Management Bites

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Help! I'm a manager . . . what do I do next? Management Bites covers every area of business management, bite by bite. It's full of practical ways to manage yourself and your team with real-life examples of what went right and how to fix what's gone wrong. Specifically ways to manage yourself: tame time, make meetings marvellous and delegating delicious! , ∗Building your team: hire the right person, create motivation and have the perfect performance review. , ∗When it all goes wrong: fix poor more...
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Words: 69,139
Unique Words: 2,773
Avg Sentence (words): 17.48
Avg Word (chars): 4.26
Chapters: 30
Paragraphs: 2,831
People: 65
Places: 34
Things: 40
Adult Reading Time:4:37
Sentiment: 0.01
Intensity: 0.08
Profanity: 7
SAT Words: 315
Reading Level:8.0
Complexity Index: 71

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