The Legend of Beau Baxter

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Flashman in rugger shorts. Wonderful writing, funny and fast paced - for rugby fans with a sense of humour What might have happened on the 1924 tour is hilarious, shocking and not for the ladies A rollicking leg-pull that plays fast and loose with rugby lore, in the style of an alternative (and much funnier) history of one of our most famous touring rugby teams - the 1924 Invincibles - practically saints in Kiwi rugby mythology. Beau Baxter is a loveable rogue who may (or may not) have played as more...
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Words: 84,289
Unique Words: 6,346
Avg Sentence (words): 18.69
Avg Word (chars): 4.00
Chapters: 30
Paragraphs: 1,837
People: 311
Places: 181
Things: 205
Adult Reading Time:5:37
Sentiment: 0.03
Intensity: 0.11
Profanity: 148
SAT Words: 644
Reading Level:7.4
Complexity Index: 100

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