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In this haunting and controversial novel, Youssef Ziedan confronts issues as vital today as they were nearly two millennia ago. Set in the 5th century AD, Azazeel is the exquisitely crafted tale of a Coptic monk's journey from Upper Egypt to Alexandria and then Syria during a time of massive upheaval in the early Church. Winner of the Arab Booker Prize, Azazeel highlights how the history of our civilization has been warped by greed and avarice since its very beginnings and how one man's beliefs more...
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Trajectory Index

Words: 115,466
Unique Words: 5,635
Flesch Reading Ease: 73
Flesch Grade Level: 8
Avg Sentence (words): 21.50
Avg Word (chars): 3.98
Chapters: 38
Paragraphs: 1,582
Adult Reading Time: 7:42
Sentiment: 0.012
Intensity: 0.091
People: 137
Places: 105
Brands: 5
Things: 161
Goodreads Rating: 4.09
Goodreads Reviews: 75,790
SAT Words: 858
Trajectory China 300: 198
TOEFL Words: 95
IELTS Words: 306
Nouns 51.3%
Verbs 29.0%
Adjectives 11.7%
Adverbs 4.2%
Other 3.7%

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