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Appointment in Samarra

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The best-loved book by the writer whom Fran Lebowitz compared to the author of The Great Gatsby, calling him “the real F. Scott Fitzgerald” One of the great novels of small-town American life, Appointment in Samarra is John O’Hara’s crowning achievement. In December 1930, just before Christmas, the Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, social circuit is electrified with parties and dances. At the center of the social elite stand Julian and Caroline English. But in one rash moment born inside a highball 多...
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Trajectory 索引

词汇总量 83,680
特殊词汇 4,810
易读性 83
flesch适读学龄: 5.5
语句平均词汇 15.04
平均字母: 3.86
目录 19
自然段 1,875
成年读者阅读时间 5:35
情绪波动 0.010
剧情节奏 0.084
人名 421
地名 125
品牌 23
事物名 222
SAT词汇 470
Trajectory中国300 206
托福词汇 36
雅思词汇 227
名词 54.7%
动词 24.1%
形容词 10.9%
副词 5.8%
其他词汇 4.5%