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The Incredible Twisting Arm

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Want to see something incredible?
I can twist my arm all the way around.
All it takes is a little magic�

Life is a little easier for Mike now that he's found The White Rabbit magic shop. But after missing a special show from a visiting magician, Mike realizes h needs a way to get to the shop by himself. Unfortunately, he's exhausted after only a week of being a model student, and Nora, his magician assistant and expert on good behavior, is distracted by a new friendship.

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Trajectory Index

Words: 15,827
Unique Words: 1,424
Flesch Reading Ease: 87
Flesch Grade Level: 4
Avg Sentence (words): 10.75
Avg Word (chars): 3.86
Chapters: 16
Paragraphs: 605
Adult Reading Time: 1:03
Sentiment: 0.035
Intensity: 0.072
People: 49
Places: 7
Brands: 2
Things: 5
Goodreads Rating: 4.04
Goodreads Reviews: 138
SAT Words: 77
Trajectory China 300: 143
TOEFL Words: 0
IELTS Words: 55
Nouns 53.0%
Verbs 26.4%
Adjectives 11.1%
Adverbs 6.2%
Other 3.3%

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