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The Allegra Biscotti Collection

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Emma Rose is SO not a diva.

She doesn't want her turn on the catwalk-she'd rather be behind the scenes creating fabulous outfits! So when a famous fashionista discovers Emma's designs and offers her the opportunity of a lifetime-a feature in Madison magazine (squeal!)-Emma sort of, well, panics. She has only one option: to create a secret identity.

And so Allegra Biscotti is born.

Allegra is worldly, sophisticated, and

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Trajectory Index

Words: 49,010
Unique Words: 3,702
Flesch Reading Ease: 78
Flesch Grade Level: 5
Avg Sentence (words): 12.52
Avg Word (chars): 4.12
Chapters: 23
Paragraphs: 1,591
Adult Reading Time: 3:16
Sentiment: 0.032
Intensity: 0.091
People: 102
Places: 47
Brands: 71
Things: 61
Goodreads Rating: 3.97
Goodreads Reviews: 2,022
SAT Words: 279
Trajectory China 300: 185
TOEFL Words: 22
IELTS Words: 179
Nouns 51.7%
Verbs 27.3%
Adjectives 11.2%
Adverbs 6.7%
Other 3.2%

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