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The Ultimate Little Shooter Book

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"Ray Foley is known as the bartender's bartender. Leave it to him to take the mystery out of mixology!"
-Legendary spirits master, author, and marketer Michel Roux

Bartenders don't rely on just anyone to create shots and shooters. They turn to Bartender Magazine, published by thirty-year industry veteran Ray Foley, trusted by more than 150,000 barkeeps.

Now, you can get your quick sips straight from the top-from Bartender and the best mix masters across

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Trajectory Index

Words: 32,554
Unique Words: 2,175
Flesch Reading Ease: 78
Flesch Grade Level: 3
Avg Sentence (words): 3.75
Avg Word (chars): 4.44
Chapters: 38
Paragraphs: 6,936
Adult Reading Time: 2:10
Sentiment: 0.006
Intensity: 0.023
People: 380
Places: 53
Brands: 198
Things: 124
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
Goodreads Reviews: 30
SAT Words: 119
Trajectory China 300: 122
TOEFL Words: 7
IELTS Words: 69
Nouns 86.1%
Verbs 5.7%
Adjectives 6.1%
Adverbs 0.4%
Other 1.8%

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