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44 Horrible Dates

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"This book is a hilarious romp of true life (unfortunately). Read it and prepare for your next date."—James Van Praagh, New York Times bestselling author, Talking to Heaven

"Every story is the truth and every truthful moment is a hilarious journey! It's as if you're listening to your best friend at a coffee shop and watching a stand—up take command of the stage. You won't be disappointed as you travel this refreshingly funny road of 'horrible dates!'"—Debra Wilson,

Category: Humor / General
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Trajectory Index

Words: 3,428
Unique Words: 806
Flesch Reading Ease: 74
Flesch Grade Level: 7
Avg Sentence (words): 15.16
Avg Word (chars): 4.17
Chapters: 12
Paragraphs: 106
Adult Reading Time: 0:14
Sentiment: 0.003
Intensity: 0.123
People: 35
Places: 11
Brands: 4
Things: 19
Goodreads Rating:
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SAT Words: 56
Trajectory China 300: 84
TOEFL Words: 4
IELTS Words: 53
Nouns 54.4%
Verbs 23.9%
Adjectives 13.8%
Adverbs 4.6%
Other 3.2%

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