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There Goes the Bride

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Polly Atkins is getting married.

And her older sister Bella couldn't be more excited. Not only will Polly be home after five years in New York, but she's coming back to marry the most perfect man on the planet, Dev. Dresses, cake, first dance ... Bella's looking forward to getting stuck into the arrangements.

Polly's best friend Grace is just as excited. She's can't wait to walk down the aisle behind her childhood ally, especially as the stylish Polly wouldn't dream of dressing

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Words: 121,273
Unique Words: 6,463
Flesch Reading Ease: 80
Flesch Grade Level: 6
Avg Sentence (words): 16.21
Avg Word (chars): 3.91
Chapters: 34
Paragraphs: 3,300
Adult Reading Time: 8:05
Sentiment: 0.016
Intensity: 0.096
People: 238
Places: 124
Brands: 82
Things: 202
Goodreads Rating: 3.66
Goodreads Reviews: 400
SAT Words: 632
Trajectory China 300: 222
TOEFL Words: 58
IELTS Words: 321
Nouns 47.0%
Verbs 25.9%
Adjectives 13.6%
Adverbs 8.6%
Other 5.0%

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