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Death in the Andes

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Set in an isolated, rundown community in the Peruvian Andes, Vargas Llosa's novel tells the story of a series of mysterious disappearances involving the Shining Path guerrillas and a local couple performing cannibalistic sacrifices with strange similiarities to the Dionysian rituals of ancient Greece. Part detective novel and part political allegory, it offers a panoramic view of Peruvian society; not only of the current political violence and social upheaval, but also of the country's past

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Trajectory Index

Words: 85,379
Unique Words: 5,117
Flesch Reading Ease: 78
Flesch Grade Level: 6
Avg Sentence (words): 16.01
Avg Word (chars): 4.01
Chapters: 19
Paragraphs: 1,828
Adult Reading Time: 5:42
Sentiment: -0.019
Intensity: 0.106
People: 149
Places: 131
Brands: 5
Things: 99
Goodreads Rating: 3.66
Goodreads Reviews: 6,152
SAT Words: 580
Trajectory China 300: 210
TOEFL Words: 51
IELTS Words: 213
Nouns 51.2%
Verbs 30.2%
Adjectives 11.2%
Adverbs 4.5%
Other 2.9%

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