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He Walked Among Us

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When hack agent Jimmy "Tex" Balaban discovers Ralf on a Borscht Belt stage, his act appears to be a clever joke. Ralf claims to be from the future, shouting foul-mouthed prophecies of where we went wrong. And he delivers a harrowing message.

The world is in chaos. Our biosphere has been devastated, our air is unbreathable and the final stalwarts of mankind have taken refuge in pressurized shopping malls. Humanity clings to the last mediocre vestiges of life on a dead planet that we did

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Trajectory Index

Words: 149,646
Unique Words: 9,900
Flesch Reading Ease: 67
Flesch Grade Level: 9
Avg Sentence (words): 20.56
Avg Word (chars): 4.22
Chapters: 20
Paragraphs: 5,145
Adult Reading Time: 9:59
Sentiment: 0.004
Intensity: 0.086
People: 487
Places: 200
Brands: 81
Things: 407
Goodreads Rating: 2.88
Goodreads Reviews: 234
SAT Words: 1,070
Trajectory China 300: 248
TOEFL Words: 104
IELTS Words: 408
Nouns 55.0%
Verbs 21.9%
Adjectives 13.2%
Adverbs 5.7%
Other 4.1%

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