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Dispatches from the Dating Front Lines

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Cindy Chupack takes a hilarious look at love, dating, and not dating in this witty, truthful and utterly charming book. Tackling topics such as "relationship reruns" (a sobering stage when you realize that the men you meet are basically repeats of the men you've already dated) and "relocationships" (the kind of relationship hat necessitates moving to a place where you would never consider living), Dispatches from the Dating Front Lines is as reassuring as that late-night post-date

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Trajectory Index

Words: 7,153
Unique Words: 1,358
Avg Sentence (words): 21.92
Avg Word (chars): 4.04
Chapters: 10
Paragraphs: 109
People: 26
Places: 21
Things: 22
Adult Reading Time: 0:29
Sentiment: 0.003
Intensity: 0.101
Reading Level: 8.8
Complexity Index: 219
SAT Words: 113
Nouns 50.2%
Verbs 25.8%
Adjectives 13.1%
Adverbs 7.1%
Other 3.8%
Profanity: 3
Explicit Activity: 0
Violence: 2

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

SAT Words
bathroom benicio bit boca boyfriend breakup call car card cd chapter child childhood city closure coffee couch course date dater day del dermatologist dinner dispatch episode everything example experience eye fact family form friend front fun game girlfriend guy gym home hour job kid kind life line lot love machine man meeting mercury month moon movie network night nothing number office order parent party people phone picture place planet point problem reason relationship remorse rerun ride risk romance room scorpio sense september seventh sex sign someone something sport sports surprise tennis therapist thing time toro type venus week woman year

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