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Breaking Night

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Liz Murray never really had a chance in life. Born to a drug-addicted father who was in and out of prison, and an equally dependent mother who was in and out of mental institutions, she seemed destined to become just another tragic statistic. Another life wasted on the brutal streets of New York.

By the age of 15, Liz found herself homeless with nowhere to turn but the tough streets, riding subways all night for a warm place to sleep and foraging through dumpsters for food. But

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Trajectory Index

Words: 133,337
Unique Words: 7,043
Flesch Reading Ease: 76
Flesch Grade Level: 7
Avg Sentence (words): 17.76
Avg Word (chars): 4.01
Chapters: 23
Paragraphs: 2,433
Adult Reading Time: 8:53
Sentiment: 0.011
Intensity: 0.087
People: 280
Places: 137
Brands: 40
Things: 182
Goodreads Rating: 4.18
Goodreads Reviews: 33,869
SAT Words: 739
Trajectory China 300: 245
TOEFL Words: 54
IELTS Words: 375
Nouns 50.8%
Verbs 28.3%
Adjectives 11.8%
Adverbs 5.9%
Other 3.2%

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