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Torn Apart

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Cory Friedman was an ordinary fun-loving little boy. But one fateful March morning in 1989, the course of Cory's life changed dramatically. It started with an irresistible urge to shake his head; before long, overtaken by physical urges, tics and compulsions, his body became a volatile, explosive and unpredictable force.

Cory had developed a rare combination of Tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder and other neurological conditions. The life he knew had

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Trajectory Index

Words: 56,079
Unique Words: 3,594
Flesch Reading Ease: 83
Flesch Grade Level: 6
Avg Sentence (words): 15.28
Avg Word (chars): 3.85
Chapters: 91
Paragraphs: 1,972
Adult Reading Time: 3:44
Sentiment: -0.003
Intensity: 0.099
People: 107
Places: 39
Brands: 15
Things: 67
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Goodreads Reviews: 2,193
SAT Words: 323
Trajectory China 300: 196
TOEFL Words: 14
IELTS Words: 226
Nouns 48.9%
Verbs 27.3%
Adjectives 12.8%
Adverbs 7.2%
Other 3.8%

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