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Come Again

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Friends. You can't live with them - and you can't live without them.

Or so Matt is discovering. His best mate is getting married, leaving him high and dry. No flat-mate - and no girlfriend.

Then he remembers Helen (H to her friends). H has no life outside her brilliant career - and all her best friend Amy wants to talk about his her wedding. Which suits Stringer, because catering the wedding is his first real chance to prove himself. The last thing he needs is to fall for

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Trajectory Index

Words: 105,195
Unique Words: 6,253
Flesch Reading Ease: 88
Flesch Grade Level: 4
Avg Sentence (words): 12.47
Avg Word (chars): 3.76
Chapters: 81
Paragraphs: 4,211
Adult Reading Time: 7:01
Sentiment: 0.010
Intensity: 0.088
People: 233
Places: 75
Brands: 28
Things: 116
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Goodreads Reviews: 984
SAT Words: 617
Trajectory China 300: 221
TOEFL Words: 56
IELTS Words: 330
Nouns 46.8%
Verbs 31.0%
Adjectives 11.3%
Adverbs 6.8%
Other 4.1%

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