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The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder

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When aspiring designer Isabel Bookbinder bags a job with Nancy 'Fashion Aristocracy' Tavistock, she's sure her career is finally on track. Dazzlingly glamorous, this is a career that she can feel truly passionate about - after all, she knows her Geiger from her Louboutin, her Primark from her Prada, and she's always poring over fashion magazines. Well, ok, the fashion pages of heat.

So, learning from the very best, the future's looking bright for Isabel Bookbinder: Top

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Words: 111,996
Unique Words: 6,526
Flesch Reading Ease: 80
Flesch Grade Level: 6
Avg Sentence (words): 14.22
Avg Word (chars): 4.00
Chapters: 43
Paragraphs: 3,933
Adult Reading Time: 7:28
Sentiment: 0.027
Intensity: 0.091
People: 389
Places: 154
Brands: 55
Things: 260
Goodreads Rating: 3.35
Goodreads Reviews: 765
SAT Words: 604
Trajectory China 300: 218
TOEFL Words: 46
IELTS Words: 295
Nouns 49.6%
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Adverbs 8.2%
Other 5.0%

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