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Coming Back Alive

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When the fishing vessel La Conte sinks suddenly at night in one-hundred-mile-per-hour winds and record ninety-foot seas during a savage storm in January 1998, her five crewmen are left to drift without a life raft in the freezing Alaskan waters and survive as best they can.

One hundred fifty miles away, in Sitka, Alaska, an H-60 Jayhawk helicopter lifts off from America's most remote Coast Guard base in the hopes of tracking down an anonymous Mayday signal. A fisherman's worst

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Trajectory Index

Words: 82,493
Unique Words: 6,133
Avg Sentence (words): 16.95
Avg Word (chars): 4.30
Chapters: 42
Paragraphs: 2,438
People: 406
Places: 213
Things: 141
Adult Reading Time: 5:30
Sentiment: 0.007
Intensity: 0.072
Reading Level: 7.9
Complexity Index: 106
SAT Words: 718
Nouns 53.4%
Verbs 24.9%
Adjectives 11.3%
Adverbs 6.2%
Other 4.2%
Profanity: 33
Explicit Activity: 4
Violence: 22

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

SAT Words
adickes air aircraft alaska area arm basket bay blade blades board boat bob body cabin chapter chopper coast conte crew day decapua deck door doyle effort end engine epirb face feuvre fish fisherman fishing flare flight foot gig ground guard guy hand hanlon head helicopter holden home hour island jim kalt kind kodiak la le life light line man mark mike mile molthen moment mork morley mountain night people pilot place radio rescue salmon sansone sea seawater ship side sitka skipper something sound storm suit survival survivor thing time torpey tunks vessel water wave weather whiddon wife wind year zullick

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