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Paris Trance

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People talk about love at first sight, about the way that men and women fall for each other immediately, but there is also such a thing as friendship at first sight.
Luke moves to Paris with the idea of writing a novel but things get in the way. He becomes friends with a fellow expatriate, Alex; then he falls in love with Nicole. Alex meets Sahra, and the two couples form an intimacy that changes their lives. As they discover the clubs and caf�s of the eleventh arrondissement, the four

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Trajectory Index

Words: 24,680
Unique Words: 3,207
Avg Sentence (words): 13.55
Avg Word (chars): 4.06
Chapters: 12
Paragraphs: 897
People: 100
Places: 52
Things: 68
Adult Reading Time: 1:39
Sentiment: 0.017
Intensity: 0.081
Reading Level: 5.7
Complexity Index: 151
SAT Words: 326
Nouns 51.3%
Verbs 26.6%
Adjectives 11.1%
Adverbs 6.8%
Other 4.2%
Profanity: 5
Explicit Activity: 12
Violence: 10

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

SAT Words
alex anything apartment arm ball bar bed beer bike book call car centre chair cinema city class coffee conversation couple day dinner dog door drink england english evening everyone everything eye face fact film finger floor friend front glass guy hair hand happiness head home hour idea kind lazare leg life light london love luke man map miles minute mirror moment morning mouth name nicole night nothing number paris park part party people person phone place plate river room sara shop side sign someone something street sun thing time trance wall warehouse water window wine woman word work world year

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