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One Art

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Robert Lowell once remarked, "When Elizabeth Bishop's letters are published (as they will be), she will be recognized as not only one of the best, but one of the most prolific writers of our century." One Art is the magificent confirmation of Lowell's prediction.

From several thousand letters, written by Bishop over fifty years--from 1928, when she was seventeen, to the day of her death, in Boston in 1979--Robert Giroux, the poet's longtime friend and editor, has selected over

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Words: 202,973
Unique Words: 9,681
Flesch Reading Ease: 74
Flesch Grade Level: 8
Avg Sentence (words): 20.70
Avg Word (chars): 3.95
Chapters: 15
Paragraphs: 3,962
Adult Reading Time: 13:32
Sentiment: 0.035
Intensity: 0.088
People: 1,801
Places: 459
Brands: 93
Things: 654
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
Goodreads Reviews: 1,020
SAT Words: 995
Trajectory China 300: 234
TOEFL Words: 83
IELTS Words: 367
Nouns 51.5%
Verbs 23.0%
Adjectives 14.1%
Adverbs 7.9%
Other 3.4%

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