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One of our most distinguished scholars offers a bold new view of the theory and practice of effective management Named one of the best management books of 2009 by strategy+business magazine, the Toronto Globe, and Mail and Library Journal Winner of the Axiom gold medal in the leadership category A half century ago Peter Drucker put management on the map. Leadership has since pushed it off. But “instead of distinguishing managers from leaders,” Henry Mintzberg writes, “we should be seeing 多...
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Trajectory 索引

词汇总量 118,238
特殊词汇 6,361
易读性 57
flesch适读学龄: 10.0
语句平均词汇 19.02
平均字母: 4.63
目录 25
自然段 3,196
成年读者阅读时间 7:53
情绪波动 0.015
剧情节奏 0.049
人名 764
地名 149
品牌 165
事物名 385
Goodreads评级 3.96
GoodReads评论 604
SAT词汇 868
Trajectory中国300 203
托福词汇 67
雅思词汇 523
名词 57.6%
动词 20.7%
形容词 12.8%
副词 5.6%
其他词汇 3.4%