Training Across Multiple Locations: Developing a System That Works

Provides practical solutions to the business problem of distributing training to multiple locations Introduces a new and practical way to use assessment to create a sustainable training and development function Shows how those involved with training and development can make bottom line contributions to the company Provides a model for calculating return on investment (ROI) for technology based programs In this era of rapid globalization, human resource development professionals in every type of more...
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Words: 54,132
Unique Words: 3,265
Avg Sentence (words): 16.32
Avg Word (chars): 5.14
Chapters: 19
Paragraphs: 1,577
People: 149
Places: 56
Things: 171
Adult Reading Time:3:37
Sentiment: 0.03
Intensity: 0.05
Profanity: 2
SAT Words: 456
Reading Level:11.0
Complexity Index: 115

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