Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance:

Never before have so many people felt the American Dream crashing down around them. The corporate framework—which values competition and the bottom line above all else—keeps many of us running after an elusive goal and impinges on our personal lives. Advertising-driven culture causes material desires to grow with no corresponding increase in personal time or energy to pursue them. These artificially amped-up needs cause a pressure-cooker lifestyle that threatens health and happiness. Ellen more...
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Words: 60,889
Unique Words: 6,135
Avg Sentence (words): 14.98
Avg Word (chars): 4.65
Chapters: 33
Paragraphs: 2,376
People: 469
Places: 173
Things: 324
Adult Reading Time:4:04
Sentiment: 0.02
Intensity: 0.09
Profanity: 14
SAT Words: 840
Reading Level:8.5
Complexity Index: 140

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