Dating the Devil

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Lucy O'Neill is a plain-Jane New York PR assistant with a tiny apartment, a dead-end job, and a pair of annoyingly perfect roommates. Nothing exciting ever happens to her, until one night at a neighborhood pub . . .
Lewis Mephisto is tall, handsome, and hot. Very hot. He meets her gaze through the crowd, a wicked grin on his lips, an irresistible invitation in his eyes.
He's Mr. Right Times Ten. Sophisticated, wealthy, sexy, and completely devoted to her, body and soul. So what's her
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Words: 58,691
Unique Words: 3,901
Avg Sentence (words): 15.90
Avg Word (chars): 3.78
Chapters: 36
Paragraphs: 1,729
People: 138
Places: 54
Things: 94
Adult Reading Time: 3:55
Sentiment: 0.024
Intensity: 0.082
Reading Level: 5.5
Complexity Index: 82
SAT Words: 288
Nouns 11,286
Verbs 6,704
Adjectives 2,745
Adverbs 1,829
Other 1,038
Profanity: 48
Profanity: 48

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SAT Words
anyone anything apartment arm bar bed ben bottle boyfriend cab champagne city closet clothes coffee corner couch couple course day devil dollar door dress drink everything eye face fact finger floor foot friend front girl glass guy hair hand head heel hell home hour idea jeans jim job kind kiss lewis light linda lip living lot luce lucy man mel minute moment money month morning mouth nat natalie night nothing office people phone place purse room satan sex shirt shoulder smile sock someone something street table thing time top um voice week window wine woman word work world year york

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