One Man's Island

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Be very careful about what you wish for…
Sergeant Major Tim Flannery’s personal life is in shambles. Just home from his sixth combat tour in Afghanistan, His wife has left him, his house is in foreclosure, and he feels like his entire world has disintegrated. With almost thirty years’ military and civilian police experience, he’s always been able to make the right decisions in tight spots, but waking to find he’s the sole survivor, after the entire Earth’s population is dead from an

Publisher:Permuted Press
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Words: 161,981
Unique Words: 6,863
Avg Sentence (words): 14.92
Avg Word (chars): 3.82
Chapters: 27
Paragraphs: 4,850
People: 201
Places: 290
Things: 296
Adult Reading Time: 10:48
Sentiment: 0.005
Intensity: 0.099
Reading Level: 5.3
Complexity Index: 58
SAT Words: 634
Nouns 49.6%
Verbs 28.5%
Adjectives 11.1%
Adverbs 6.6%
Other 4.1%
Profanity: 302
Explicit Activity: 263
Violence: 1,304

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SAT Words
air anything arm army aye bed beer bit body bridge camper captain carbine coffee dad daddy dawn day door end engine ensign everyone everything eye face fire foot front fuck fuel girl gun guy hair hand head holly home hour house island izzy jerry jimenez johnson kid life light look lot man mile mind minute moment morning night nothing officer paul people place power rifle right road robyn room round sar seat ship shit shoulder side sign sir skipper sky smoke snow something stevens suplee table tank thing thought tim time tree truck water west williams window world yard year

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