Meridian 144

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She is 50 feet underwater, scuba diving on an old sunken warship in the harbor of a Pacific island, which is about as far away as she can get from her unhappy divorce, a string of unfulfilling affairs and her persistent lack of conviction about her life. Kit Manning wonders if Tano Island will be for her a point of departure to somewhere better.
Then everything turns a bright yellow, “the water like wrinkled amber foil.” Her new beau, an air force captain from the island’s base, swims

Publisher:Permuted Press
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Words: 86,719
Unique Words: 6,141
Avg Sentence (words): 14.20
Avg Word (chars): 3.92
Chapters: 14
Paragraphs: 2,414
People: 219
Places: 93
Things: 140
Adult Reading Time: 5:47
Sentiment: -0.012
Intensity: 0.075
Reading Level: 5.4
Complexity Index: 89
SAT Words: 611
Nouns 51.3%
Verbs 28.9%
Adjectives 11.6%
Adverbs 4.7%
Other 3.6%
Profanity: 53
Explicit Activity: 22
Violence: 732

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SAT Words
air anything arm baby beach bed blood body boy can car child cimarron cimmie cliff coral counter crab dad daniel day dive dog door end everything eye face father fire flood floor food foot gecko girl glass god ground gun hair hand harbor head home house island jesse judy jungle kid kitty leg life light love malcolm man mom morning mother mouth name night norio nothing palm pants people road rock rogelio room samuel sand school scout sea seat shirt shop shoulder side sign skin sky something taitano time tree typhoon voice wall water wind window woman word world year

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