Keep your Crowbar Handy

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Jake O'Connor has problems. His time spent overseas with Britain's SAS Regiment still gives him nightmares, his social life is in the toilet, and his best friend is an unrepentant adrenaline junkie. Unfortunately, just as things finally seem to go his way, decomposing corpses of the recently dead begin rising to gnaw on the living. Soon the streets are glutted with mindless creatures hungering for only one thing: human flesh. Jake's unlikely group of friends needs to make tracks for some

Publisher:Permuted Press
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Words: 120,134
Unique Words: 7,076
Avg Sentence (words): 14.38
Avg Word (chars): 4.07
Chapters: 27
Paragraphs: 3,467
People: 234
Places: 109
Things: 177
Adult Reading Time: 8:01
Sentiment: -0.014
Intensity: 0.107
Reading Level: 6.0
Complexity Index: 81
SAT Words: 742
Nouns 50.0%
Verbs 28.5%
Adjectives 11.5%
Adverbs 6.3%
Other 3.7%
Profanity: 355
Explicit Activity: 148
Violence: 1,237

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SAT Words
al allen anything arm ass bed bit body brain building case couple creature crowbar day door elle end everyone everything eye face finger floor foot foster friend front gate george gertrude girl group gun guy hair hand head hell hip hour hummer idea jake karen kat kind laurel leg leo life line lip look lot maggie man mike mimi mind minute moment month mouth neck nichole night nothing office pair people place point rae redhead right road room round seat shirt shit shoulder side smile someone something street thing thought time vehicle voice wall weapon window woman writer year zombie

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