Little Birds

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Michael is living in North Carolina in a trailer with his buddy, Jimmy Boy. He works at a sneaker store while working on his graduate degree while Jimmy drinks beer, struggles with his PTSD, and watches his relationship with his girlfriend Jessica run hot and cold. A wave of spontaneous self combustion sweeps the globe. People start to explode, and if you're unlucky enough to be standing near them you're as good as dead as the human hand grenades detonate. Obviously this has an impact of

Publisher:Permuted Press
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Words: 85,084
Unique Words: 5,077
Avg Sentence (words): 11.54
Avg Word (chars): 3.94
Chapters: 9
Paragraphs: 3,964
People: 178
Places: 80
Things: 117
Adult Reading Time: 5:40
Sentiment: -0.007
Intensity: 0.088
Reading Level: 4.4
Complexity Index: 76
SAT Words: 476
Nouns 52.5%
Verbs 29.8%
Adjectives 8.7%
Adverbs 4.7%
Other 4.3%
Profanity: 214
Explicit Activity: 114
Violence: 625

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SAT Words
air alison anything arm bag balaclava barrel bed beer body bottle bree bushmaster car chair dad daddy david day direction door end eye face finger fire foot friend front girl guy hair hand head hell home hood house jess jessica jimmy kid kind kirk leg light look lot man mandy michael mike mind minute mitch moment morning mouth name night nothing paul people pete pistol place question rifle right road robert room seat shit shot shoulder shug side someone something state sun tad teagan thing thought time top truck vehicle voice water wayne wheel window woman word work world year

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