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Less Than Perfect (Entangled Ever After)

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Less Than Perfect by Kelly Jensen

Mikayla's read every book in her collection of post-apocalyptic novels at least twice. She thinks she's prepared for aliens taking over Earth. She's not.

Nor is she prepared for the attention of a good-looking refugee named Reg.

All Mikayla and Reg want is a safe place to see out the end of the world, hidden away from the aliens that call themselves The People, but cities of the depopulated United States not infested with The People

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Trajectory 索引

词汇总量 38,235
特殊词汇 3,592
易读性 82
flesch适读学龄: 4.8
语句平均词汇 11.93
平均字母: 4.00
目录 15
自然段 1,533
成年读者阅读时间 2:33
情绪波动 0.001
剧情节奏 0.097
人名 32
地名 24
品牌 0
事物名 9
Goodreads评级 3.77
GoodReads评论 69
SAT词汇 395
Trajectory中国300 184
托福词汇 28
雅思词汇 222
名词 46.1%
动词 31.8%
形容词 12.4%
副词 5.8%
其他词汇 3.9%