Shipwrecks North of Boston Volume One: Salem Bay

A carefully researched look at the fascinating and dramatic history of shipwrecks along the Salem sound. This book pulls together details of 30+ famous shipwrecks, describing the vessel, crew, and the dramatic unfolding of events, including ship-to-shore communication, lives lost, and family left behind. Shipwrecks are listed chronologically, beginning with The Loss of the Frigate Macklesfield on November 2, 1710, and ending with The Grounding of the Global Hope and the Tragedy of the Can-Do more...
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Words: 30,292
Unique Words: 3,447
Avg Sentence (words): 7.77
Avg Word (chars): 4.47
Chapters: 41
Paragraphs: 3,295
People: 395
Places: 244
Things: 130
Adult Reading Time:2:01
Sentiment: -0.01
Intensity: 0.03
Profanity: 21
SAT Words: 321
Reading Level:5.0
Complexity Index: 141

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