Ambiguous Embrace: Chronicles of a Conflicted Love

He’s an American biologist working in England to scotch inherited diseases at source and extend youthfulness. She’s a linguist who’s lived in the Middle East and has literary ambitions. They meet by chance, can’t keep their hands off each other, but in one crucial respect are at loggerheads. This single disagreement nearly destroys their mutually satisfying relationship. Can sexual pleasure never be pure? Must there always be some bitterness sabotaging the bliss? Charlie Venn thinks more...
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Words: 108,456
Unique Words: 9,175
Avg Sentence (words): 18.48
Avg Word (chars): 4.23
Chapters: 48
Paragraphs: 2,861
People: 472
Places: 348
Things: 333
Adult Reading Time: 7:14
Sentiment: 0.024
Intensity: 0.090
Reading Level: 8.3
Complexity Index: 116
SAT Words: 1,218
Nouns 26,895
Verbs 11,426
Adjectives 6,636
Adverbs 2,436
Other 1,553
Profanity: 43
Explicit Activity: 106
Violence: 728

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SAT Words
animal arm baldock bed bertha bible blood body bonobo book boy brain cambridge car charlie child church colour course danny day death disease dna doctor door dream earth embrace everything eye face family father finger flame flesh floor food front gene god gresham hair hand head heart house idea institute jesus john kind lab life lip look love man mind mother mouth mullins name night nothing parent part people person place pleasure power reason research river room school scientist sex side someone something sophie sort sound street table thing time venn voice wall water wife woman word work world year

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