Justin Bieber - The Ultimate Quiz Book

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Are you the world's ultimate Belieber? Do you know absolutely everything there is to know about the world's favourite pop star? Then this is the book for you.Test your friends and family on their knowledge of Justin Bieber with these 180 questions (and answers) sorted into categories such as his lyrics, his favorites, the internet and much more.Show everyone that you are the biggest JB fan of all time with this great fun quiz! more...
Publisher:Andrews UK
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Words: 2,846
Unique Words: 602
Avg Sentence (words): 6.73
Avg Word (chars): 4.04
Chapters: 46
Paragraphs: 489
People: 24
Places: 14
Things: 13
Adult Reading Time:0:11
Sentiment: 0.09
Intensity: 0.13
Profanity: 1
SAT Words: 33
Reading Level:2.9
Complexity Index: 225

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

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