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Plato at the Googleplex

Imagine that Plato came to life in the twenty-first century and embarked on a multi-city speaking tour. How would he mediate a debate between a Freudian psychoanalyst and a 'tiger mum' on how to raise the perfect child? How would he handle the host of a right-wing news program who denies there can be morality without religion? What would Plato make of Google, and of the idea that knowledge can be crowdsourced rather than reasoned out by experts? Plato at the Googleplex is acclaimed thinker more...
Publisher:Atlantic Books
Category: Philosophy
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Words: 187,692
Unique Words: 9,978
Flesch Reading Ease: 59
Flesch Grade Level: 10
Avg Sentence (words): 22.15
Avg Word (chars): 4.43
Chapters: 31
Paragraphs: 3,550
Adult Reading Time: 12:31
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Intensity: 0.090
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Places: 213
Brands: 83
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Trajectory China 300: 204
TOEFL Words: 147
IELTS Words: 563
Nouns 52.3%
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Adverbs 6.0%
Other 3.7%

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