Little Mix - The Ultimate Quiz Book

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Are you the world's biggest Mixer? Can you prove it? This excellent quiz book has 160 questions about the world's greatest girl band. What is Perrie's middle name? What is Jade allergic to? What song did Leigh-Anne perform at her school's talent show? If you knew the answers to those, wait until you get to the hard ones... and if you didn't, this book has all the answers for you. Show your friends you know everything there is to know about Little Mix. more...
Publisher:Andrews UK
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Words: 2,794
Unique Words: 641
Avg Sentence (words): 6.54
Avg Word (chars): 4.11
Chapters: 42
Paragraphs: 459
People: 52
Places: 16
Things: 9
Adult Reading Time: 0:11
Sentiment: 0.031
Intensity: 0.060
Reading Level: 3.1
Complexity Index: 245
SAT Words: 35
Nouns 864
Verbs 226
Adjectives 136
Adverbs 19
Other 45
Profanity: 0
Explicit Activity: 0
Violence: 8

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

SAT Words
album animal answer audition award band basics beat birth book boot boy brother change charity chart colour competition copyright country dad date day debut difficulty direction diversity everything eye fact factor foot form friend gaga girl goldstein group head heel html information jack jade jesy journey life line lip load love lyric medium member mix mixer mum music name nickname night number part performances perrie position premiere publisher queen question quiz quote record round school section show sign sister sneaker something song star start ta thing time title tone uk us waitress wall wing winner word world ya year zayn

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