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Fighter's Heart: One man's journey through the world of fighting

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<div>After a series of adventurous jobs around the world, Sam Sheridan found himself in Australia, cash-rich and with time on his hands to spend it. It occurred to him that he could finally explore a long-held obsession: fighting. Within a year, he was in Bangkok training with Thailand's greatest kickboxing champion and stepping through the ropes for his first professional bout. But one fight wasn't enough, and Sheridan set out to test himself on an epic journey into how and why we fight, more...
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Trajectory Index

Words: 128,396
Unique Words: 7,718
Flesch Reading Ease: 71
Flesch Grade Level: 9
Avg Sentence (words): 22.01
Avg Word (chars): 4.04
Chapters: 18
Paragraphs: 1,590
Adult Reading Time: 8:34
Sentiment: 0.010
Intensity: 0.101
People: 619
Places: 226
Brands: 37
Things: 317
Goodreads Rating: 3.98
Goodreads Reviews: 2,632
SAT Words: 882
Trajectory China 300: 218
TOEFL Words: 77
IELTS Words: 395
Nouns 52.4%
Verbs 24.7%
Adjectives 14.1%
Adverbs 5.4%
Other 3.4%

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