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Ociee On Her Own

Book two in the Ociee Nash series. Ten year old Ociee Nash is back for more adventures, trouble and laughter in the sequel to Milam McGraw Propst's award-winning young adult novel, A FLOWER BLOOMS ON CHARLOTTE STREET. Growing up in turn-of-the-century America, Ociee returns home to her family's Mississippi farm after her exciting time living with Aunt Mamie in the big city of Asheville, North Carolina. But as Ociee returns to her Mississippi town for more daring-do things have changed. Tom more...
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Trajectory Index

Words: 62,711
Unique Words: 3,372
Avg Sentence (words): 12.79
Avg Word (chars): 3.79
Chapters: 26
Paragraphs: 2,141
People: 132
Places: 43
Things: 42
Adult Reading Time: 4:11
Sentiment: 0.029
Intensity: 0.094
Reading Level: 4.3
Complexity Index: 67
SAT Words: 226
Nouns 50.2%
Verbs 29.5%
Adjectives 10.8%
Adverbs 5.9%
Other 3.5%
Profanity: 2
Explicit Activity: 0
Violence: 183

Interesting Facts and Data Visualizations

SAT Words
abbeville anything arm asheville aunt ben bit box boy brother buggy cake carolina cat chapter charles child course day dog door dress elizabeth everyone eye face fact family farm finger fitch folk foot fred friend front george girl gypsy hair hand hat head heart home horse house kind kitchen lady letter locket lord lynch mama mamie man maud memphis mind minute mississippi morning mother name nash night north ociee opal papa parade part people person piece place porch rebecca room school seat silver sister something story street table thing tiger time train treasure voice wagon water wedding window word year

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