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The Intention Experiment: Use Your Thoughts to Change the World
Lynne McTaggart

Ever wondered if your intentions, prayers or wishes have a real, calculable effect on the world? Here, from Lynne McTaggart, groundbreaking author of ‘The Field’, comes riveting accounts of scientific investigations and real case histories with evidence that we are all connected and our intentions can be harnessed as a collective force for good.

For the last 40 years renegade scientists, experimenting with the limits of quantum physics, have made seemingly impossible discoveries. 1966:

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The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols: The Ultimate A–Z Guide from Alchemy to the Zodiac
Adele Nozedar

Unlock the lost and hidden meanings of the world's ancient and modern signs and symbols with the latest in the hugely popular series of 'Element Encyclopedias'. This is the biggest A-Z reference book on symbolic objects you'll ever find.

From the popular series of 'Element Encyclopedias', this is the largest, most definitive guide to the secret and ancient knowledge of signs and symbols, some of which has been lost over thousands of years.

• Why is the eye believed to be a

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The Cube
Annie Gottlieb, Slobodan Pesic

Spread the word . . . but keep the secret!

The Cube is an imagination game—and more—that holds a secret you are dared not to reveal. Last seen making the rounds in the coffeehouses of Eastern Europe, the Cube is rumored to be of ancient Sufi origin, but no one really knows for certain. This mystery game just seems to reappear when and where it is needed. Now it is here! Inside these pages, the game is revealed along with intriguing stories of others who have played the

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The Compass
Tammy Kling, John Spencer Ellis

A enthralling novel about the journey of life.

The Compass focuses on the individual journey, as seen through the lead character Jonathan's eyes and walk in life.

Jonathan's family has been torn apart following a horrific car accident and he is numb to everything around him. Unable to continue life as normal, he sets of on a journey – a journey that places him alone in a desert, trekking through the wilderness.

As Jonathan embarks on his journey, he meets many people;

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A Little Angel Love: Spread Happiness and Inspiration, with Help from the Angels
Jacky Newcomb


Bring love, happiness and fulfilment into your own life and those around you, with this gift book of inspirational guidance, quotes and stories of angels and spirits from the other side.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." ~ Michelangelo

A Little Angel Love is a delightful gift book of messages, stories, affirmations and quotes based on angel inspirations and afterlife communication.

Discover a wealth of

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Cosmic Ordering: How to make your dreams come true
Jonathan Cainer

Call on the cosmos to change your life and realise your dreams.

How do you get what you want in life? Cosmic ordering. You decide what you want, you announce to the universe that it's your intention to get it, and it's delivered to you.

Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer helps you achieve success, from the point of deciding what to order, through to delivery. So if you’re looking for your ideal job, perfect man, or the solution to your money and health worries, why not place

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Cosmic Ordering in 7 Easy Steps: How to make life work for you
Carolyn Boyes

A step-by-step guide to placing the perfect order and bringing happiness to all areas of your life.

Jonathan Cainer's Cosmic Ordering gave you the theory. Now you need to put it into practice!

This practical guide helps you order your way to perfect happiness in 7 easy steps:

1. Understand the Universe
2. Decide what you want
3. Turn your wants into orders
4. Take charge of your thoughts and beliefs
5. Access your inner power
6. Place your order
7. Let

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God’s Little Book of Peace
Richard Daly

Open this inspirational little book at any page, and restore your sense of peace and calm.
Each page has an inspirational thought or idea, along with a related Bible reference for futrther reading and encouragement.

‘Our first step in finding true peace is in getting to know God.’

In a world where distress and anxiety have become the norms, how can we truly experience peace in a seemingly peaceless world?

Harmony among nations and between people struck by terror and

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God’s Little Book of Love
Richard Daly

God’s Little book of Love features inspiring thoughts and quotes each set on a background illustration and accompanied by references to relevant Bible passages for further reading and encouragement.

“There is no fear in love; perfect love casts out fear.”

Love. The very word has inspired thousands of songs, poems, speeches, and stories. It is the basis upon which human relationships are born and develop, and it is the golden cord that keeps us together. It is love, indeed, that

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Psychic Protection (Thorsons Way of)
Judy Hall

This is an exciting introduction to the key techniques of psychic protection. It not only explores the history behind its use, and its intrinsic relationship with our natural enviroment, but includes practical, easy-to-use techniques.

Psychic Protection explores the human need to open up consciousness and develop its unrealised potential against negative energies. This introductory guide combines practical, easy-to-use techniques, such as visualizations and flower essences, with actual

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