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The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: A Practical Guide to Positive Change
Whitney, Diana D., Trosten-Bloom, Amanda
NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED The Power of Appreciative Inquiry describes the internationally embraced approach to organizational change that dramatically improves performance by engaging people to study, discuss, and build upon what’s working – strengths – rather than trying to fix what’s not. Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom, pioneers in the development and practice of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), provide a menu of eight results-oriented applications, along with case examples from a
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Solving Tough Problems: An Open Way of Talking, Listening, and Creating New Realities
Kahane, Adam
Adam Kahane has worked on some of the toughest, most complex problems in the world. He started out as an expert analyst and advisor to corporations and governments, convinced of the need to calculate “the one right answer.” After an unexpected experience in South Africa during the transition away from apartheid, he got involved in facilitating a series of extraordinary high-conflict, high-stakes problem-solving efforts: in Colombia during the civil war, in Argentina during the collapse, in
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Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions
Dressler, Larry
Facilitation expert Larry Dressler's Consensus Through Conversation is a guide for the effective facilitation and practice of one of business's most popular — but most widely misunderstood — decision-making models: consensus.
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How to Make Collaboration Work: Powerful Ways to Build Consensus, Solve Problems, and Make Decisions
Straus, David A.
Every day we work with others to solve problems and make decisions, but the experience is often stressful, frustrating, and inefficient. In How to Make Collaboration Work, David Straus, a pioneer in the field of group problem solving, introduces five principles of collaboration that have been proven successful time and again in nearly every conceivable setting. Straus draws on his thirty years of personal and professional experience to show how these principles have been applied by organizations
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The Innovation Paradox: Why Good Businesses Kill Breakthroughs and How They Can Change
Davila, Tony, Epstein, Marc
For more than twenty years, major innovations—the kind that transform industries and even societies—seem to have come almost exclusively from startups, despite massive efforts and millions of dollars spent by established companies. Tony Davila and Marc Epstein, authors of the bestselling Making Innovation Work, say the problem is that the very processes and structures responsible for established companies’ enduring success prevent them from developing breakthroughs. This is the innovation
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The Idea-Driven Organization: Unlocking the Power in Bottom-Up Ideas
Robinson, Alan G., Schroeder, Dean M.
Too many organizations are overlooking, or even suppressing, their single most powerful source of growth and innovation. And it’s right under their noses. The frontline employees who interact directly with your customers, make your products, and provide your services have unparalleled insights into where problems exist and what improvements and new offerings would have the most impact. In this follow-up to their bestseller Ideas Are Free, Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder show how to align
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The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at E
Noel M. Tichy

In this Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller, Michigan Business School guru and worldwide consultant Noel Tichy brings his special brand of organisational transformation to a practical level that guarantees a leader at every level of an organisation.

Why do some companies consistently win in the marketplace while others struggle from crisis to crisis? The answer, says Noel Tichy, is that winning companies possess a "Leadership Engine" , a proven

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Corps Business
David H. Freedman

Fast. Motivated. Hard-hitting.

That's what every business wants to be. And that's why the U.S. Marines excel in every mission American throws at them, no matter how tough the odds. In Corps Business, journalist David H. Freeman identifies the Marine's simple but devastatingly effective principles for managing people and resources -- and ultimately winning. Freedman discusses such techniques as "the rule of three," "managing by end state," and the "70% solution," to show how

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The Die Broke Financial Problem Solver: Six Steps to Overcoming All Your Money Problems
Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine

If you're loosing sleep over your financial worries, help is here at last.Whether you're fretting over a mortgage that's been denied; a loan that's delayed; a marriage settlement that seems unfair; or a business that's struggling, this extraordinary book will not only help you rest easy, it will show you how to turn adversity into success.

Here you'll learn the Pollan method for turning no into yes: how to determine your problem; how to make sure you're dealing with only

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Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire
Bruce Nussbaum
Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.
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