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Running Training Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakable Value
Van Adelsberg, David, Trolley, Edward A.
Many of today's business leaders champion learning as essential to business success, backing their belief with massive investments in Training and Development (T&D). In fact, T&D investments reach $56 billion per year in the U.S. alone. In this era of unprecedented opportunity, the time is right for T&D to become a full-fledged "player" in the world of business. At issue, the authors contend, is T&D's inability to seize this opportunity and deliver unmistakable value to its most influential
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Managers Not MBAs: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development
Mintzberg, Henry
In his new book, Henry Mintzberg offers a sweeping critique of how managers are educated and how management, as a result, is practiced, and makes thoughtful-and controversial-recommendations for reforming both. Management, Mintzberg writes, is a practice that blends a great deal of craft (experience) with a certain amount of art (insight) and some science (analysis). Because conventional MBA programs are designed almost exclusively for young people with little if any managerial experience, and
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Hands-On Training: A Simple and Effective Method for on the Job Training
Sisson, Gary R.
On-the-Job Training (OJT) is the single most used training method in organizations today. But it is also the most misused-because very few of those doing OJT are ever trained how to do it. In Hands-On Training Gary Sisson draws on his thirty-five years of experience to lay out a simple, systematic approach to OJT that can be understood and applied by anyone in any organization-- managers, line or staff supervisors, employees and both internal and external human resource and training
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Courageous Training: Bold Actions for Business Results
Mooney, Tim, Brinkerhoff, Robert O.
If trainers want to truly make an impact on organizations, what they need is a new mindset, not a new technique. Drawing on examples from major companies and their own years of experience, the authors inspire trainers to have the courage to break away from the usual ways of doing things and identify what is really needed and what really works.
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Training Across Multiple Locations: Developing a System That Works
Krempl, Stephen, Pace, R. Wayne
Provides practical solutions to the business problem of distributing training to multiple locations Introduces a new and practical way to use assessment to create a sustainable training and development function Shows how those involved with training and development can make bottom line contributions to the company Provides a model for calculating return on investment (ROI) for technology based programs In this era of rapid globalization, human resource development professionals in every type of
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When Generations Collide
Lynne C. Lancaster, David Stillman

If your workplace feels like a battle zone and colleagues sometimes act like adversaries, you ore not alone. Today four generations glare at one another across the conference table, and the potential for conflict and confusion has never been greater.

  • Traditionalist employees with their "heads down, onward and upward" attitude live out a work ethic shaped during the Great Depression.
  • Eighty million Baby Boomers vacillate between their
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Business Is Combat: A Fighter Pilot's guide to Winning in Modern Warfare
James D. Murphy

Whether you're engaging in supersonic jet combat at 48,000 feet or entering a tough sales battle with a cutthroat competitor, the goal is the same:absolute victory. In Business is Combat, former F-15 pilot James D. Murphy, an expert in both business and combat strategy, offers a full-scale training course in military techniques that have made the United States Air Force the most advanced air-combat force in the world. From nurturing teamwork to maintaining focus to planning and executing

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Trust Works!: Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships
Ken Blanchard, Cynthia Olmstead, Martha Lawrence

Trust Works!

How to build it—How to keep it

In this enlightening guide developed from his popular Trust Works! training program, #1 bestselling author and management guru Ken Blanchard turns his vast knowledge and insight to one of the most timely and complex issues that affects all areas of our lives.

Once upon a time, a dog and a cat lived together with other animals and the humans who cared for them. But canine and feline did not trust each

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